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At Sala46 Films we work with feature films and series of any genre. Our aim is to add new works that truly stand out to our catalogue alongside those that have already been consolidated and have a proven commercial track record.

We are careful and demanding about any title we add, we seek out stories that are emotional and unique.

In order to value the work, it must be in the final stages of post-production (work in progress) or completely finished.

We maintain close relationships with the creators at every stage, from their presentation at festivals, to their theatrical release, to their presence on platforms, television, and other screens.

To give the works visibility and presence in the audiovisual market, Sala46 Films manages the rights and designs each project's strategy individually, considering the best possibilities and developing a tailored strategy. From its presentation at the most appropriate festivals and markets to its sale and commercialization worldwide.

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Sala46 Films

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*We only view the projects via a private link on Vimeo (or with a password) and Youtube, we do not receive files or use other platforms.

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